The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland

January, 2003

Amended per membership vote, March, 2005
Amended per membership vote, February, 2006
Amended per membership vote, April, 2010

  1. This organization shall be known as The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland.

  2. General assembly meetings of The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland shall be at the Lombard Log Cabin in Lombard, IL.

  3. We shall strive to educate anyone interested in the responsible and ethical keeping, raising and breeding of birds.

  4. We shall strive to promote and protect a high standard of ethics among bird breeders, members of this society, and the general public.

  5. We shall meet on the fifth (5th) Friday in months with five (5) Fridays.

  6. Any proposed changes and/or amendments to the standing Constitution must require:
    a.  Notification to the general membership one week in advance of the set date of voting.
    b.  Any proposed change or amendment will require the approval of fifty-one (51) percent of the total membership present at a general assembly meeting.



This organization shall be known as The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland. It’s abbreviated name shall be known as TASC.


  1. We shall strive to educate anyone interested in the responsible and ethical keeping, raising and breeding of birds.

  2. Assist members by providing an informational forum through a variety of activities.

  3. Help improve the quality of life for all birds.

  4. Keep a voluntary membership database of birds and their owners for safety and security purposes.


  1. Any person, who is interested in the care, breeding, or handling of birds of any type, may become a member, regardless of age, sex or race.

  2. All applications for membership are subject to approval by Board. If a member, the Membership Chairperson, or officer knows of any reason why an applicant should not be approved, the member or officer should notify the Board in writing, and final decision made by the Board.

  3. Any members conducting themselves in a manner detrimental to the best interest of the Society shall be liable to suspension or expulsion after the Board has considered the facts. If the Board finds any detriment, the Board can revoke membership immediately without refund of dues.
    a.  If a person is found guilty of breaking the laws of the land.
    b.  Has been expelled from any other avicultural organization for a reason the Board feels would warrant revocation.
    c.  Has been convicted of any crime involving the inhumane treatment of animal life.
    d.  Has been involved the violation of any laws relating to the importation of avian fauna as per CITES.
    e.  Any member defaming the Society or its representatives in any way.
    f.  Any member using TASC’s name for personal gain or public recognition/notoriety/publicity.
    g.  The Board must notify in writing the indicted member of the complaint and their decision.
    h.  Any indicted member can appeal to the board within 30 days of written notification.
    i.  Any member wishing to withdraw their membership can do so, but without refund of dues. Written notification must be given to the Board thirty (30) days prior to its execution.

  4. All members are required to pay annual dues per person or family, which will be set by the board. Membership will be renewed by June 1st of each year. Any honorary memberships, including all Board members in good standing, must be reviewed by the Membership Chair and approved by the Board. Corporate/commercial memberships are set by the Board. Membership may be terminated thirty (30) days after membership expires.

  5. The Society's bulletin will be provided for each member in good standing for the period of time the membership is in force. It shall be posted via email.
    a.   Any publication or notice sent out to the membership, either by postal mail or email, shall qualify as a bulletin.
    b.   All monthly communication will be in electronic form unless a special request is made to the Board for hard copy. (Additional charges may apply)


We shall meet once approximately every 3 months on a set date:

The general assembly shall meet the fifth Friday of months with five (5) Fridays.

These meetings shall be held at the Lombard Log Cabin at East 16th Street and Main Street, Lombard, IL.

The business meeting time shall be set by the President who will call the meeting to order when ready.

No birds may be admitted to meetings unless approved by the Board.

Visitors must join TASC after their first visit.


The elected officers of The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, & Secretary.

The elected officers shall serve a 2-year term, with the possibility of re-election.

Officers shall be members in good standing of at least 18 years or older.

Officers are obligated to conduct day-to-day business of the Society in accordance with its by-laws.

Officers should not concurrently serve on the board of another local bird club.

Only one member per family membership shall run for elected office.

All Officers and Committee Chairs shall be familiar and abide by Robert’s Rules of Order.



Shall preside over all meetings, (Society/board) and conduct them in an orderly fashion.

Appoints and/or removes chairperson(s) for all standing committees/any special committee.

The President cannot vote unless a tiebreaker is required during a membership meeting.

If the President wishes to participate in any discussion of issues on the floor, he/she must not use his/her position to influence the membership.

The President has the right to veto any motion. The Board has the right to override that veto by a simple majority vote (51%).

Vice President

Shall serve in the absence of the President.

Shall act as program chairperson.

Shall provide program contact information to the Board.


Shall have custody of the minutes of the Board/Society meetings, and all other official documents that come before a deliberative assembly.

Shall make update reports and issue same to the Board/Society.

Shall take care of all correspondence and report the same back to the Board/Society at every Board meeting and General meeting.

Shall be authorized to send cards to sick members, and to families of members who have passed away.


Shall be responsible to collect dues and all funds.

Shall maintain the Society's books for collection and disbursement of funds.

Shall receive and pay all bills on approval by the Board.

The elected officers are designated by the Board to sign checks and each check must have two (2) signatures.

Shall submit Treasurer's report at Society meeting/board meeting that includes expenditures, incomes and balance; a more detailed report can be requested thirty (30) days in advance.

The Treasurer's books shall be audited on a yearly basis.


The Board shall consist of the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 Officers-at-large, committee chairs and/or Sergeant-at-Arms present. The President directs all Board meetings and may serve as a tiebreaker vote.

Oversee the preparation of the general meeting and program.

Will strive to constantly bring updated information to the membership.

Must approve all expenditures.

Approve all materials for general publication issued by or on behalf of the Society. The President's correspondence does not require approval.

A simple majority (51%) of the Board has the authority to cancel any Society event/meeting.

At the discretion of the Board, meeting time and meeting date and place of the general assembly meeting can be changed after due notice is made known to the membership for any of the following reasons:

     To accommodate more members,

     To secure a place for a special program, and/or

     To secure a qualified speaker.

The board shall be controlled by a quorum of five acting members, even if votes are taken electronically, by phone, or other method of communication.

In the case of a vacancy of an elected office, an election can be held for the vacated office only.

The Board can appoint an interim person to fill the term of office until the next election is held.

Meetings of the Board will be called by the President and termination of officer may take place after three (3) missed board meetings.

The Board may appoint up to two (2) “Officers-at-Large” who may serve in the absence of any officer. This must be approved by a quorum at the Board of Directors meeting.

The Board of Directors has the right to suspend or expel any officer for any reason if it comes to the attention of the Board that said officer has disrupted a meeting or interfered in any way in the operation of the Society, been expelled from any other avicultural organization, or has been convicted of any crime involving the inhumane treatment of fauna, or involving the violation of any laws relating to the importation of fauna. This officer will be responded and/or removed, by an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the Board members assembled at any regular or specially called Board meeting. Accused officer may appeal in writing within 30 days of notification.


The members of these committees shall be appointed and removed by the President.

The length of appointment is set by the President.

All written correspondence must be approved by the President before sending to the membership or any other entity. The President may choose to have each communiqué reviewed by another Board member.

Membership Committee

Greets members and visitors with the Welcoming Committee.

Request visitors to sign register and introduces new members at the meetings.

Keep records of the same.

This is a regular committee that works closely with the secretary & treasurer, submitting dues to treasurer at each meeting.

Processes new member applications and keeps records of receipts and PayPal entries, and to the Board for approval of all activities.

Actively generates new and renewed membership at events and general meetings.

Keeps an updated membership list and provides an updated list to the Secretary.

Keeps the voluntary membership database of birds and their owners for safety and security purposes.

Shall distribute TASC membership cards to new members.

Shall notify current members when membership is due for renewal.

Shall send letters and/or emails to members whose membership has lapsed.

Shall be sure to pass out important information pertinent to the event.

Welcoming Committee merged with Membership Committee.

Hospitality Committee

Shall be responsible for obtaining and serving refreshments.

Shall be responsible for set-up/clean up.

Shall be reimbursed for refreshment expense with the Board's approval.

Ethics Committee
DISSOLVED per membership vote March, 2005

Webmaster/Media Specialists

A Webmaster will be appointed by the Board and will manage, create, and update any and all online representation of The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland.

The newsletter shall be created in electronic format and may or may not be created and managed by the Webmaster. Any requests for hard copy must be approved by the Board.

Any and all media fees required will be paid with Board approval.

Must keep Treasurer and Membership Chairperson informed of any new membership applications from the Internet.

Fundraising Committee

Shall maintain organization of Expo and other fundraising events.

Shall reserve and prepare sites, send out correspondence, manage donations and coordinate vendor list and vendor reservations.

Recruit and coordinate Expo volunteers.

Raffle table management.

Manage set-up, clean-up, and take-down of sites.

Publicity Committee

Photography, sign posting, flyers, print and disbursement of contacts in the various media for publicizing events.


Keeps conduct at all membership meetings per Robert’s Rules of Order.

Maintains the decorum during the meeting.

Escorts unruly members from the meeting or event premises.

Shall be appointed by the Board after a simple majority (51%) vote and will be an active member of the Board of Directors.


The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland will use an agenda as our standard of conduct.

We shall conduct all business for The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland using the agenda as our guide.

The agenda may be assembled by the Board with final revisions made by President.

A member can request in writing the minutes of the meeting and a copy of the treasurer’s report to be provided 30 days thereafter.


The Board of Directors shall review these by-laws once per term.

Any amendments proposed by simple majority (51%) of the Board, shall be posted to the general membership and will require a simple majority (51%) of the members present at the following meeting at least seven (7) days later to be ratified.

By-laws cannot be amended by less than a simple majority (51%) vote of members present, and not without previous notice of the pending amendment to the general membership.

A proposed amendment to the by-laws must be posted to the membership 1 week in advance to voting on the same.


Only members of The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland may vote on any business brought before the Society.

Each individual member receives one (1) vote and family memberships receive two (2) individual votes. Honorary members receive one (1) vote and corporate memberships are allowed two (2) individual votes.

The manner of voting will be determined by the President (standing, lifting of hands, or other method) and will take place before adjournment.

The President can cast the tiebreaker vote.

Officer elections will be held at the year's last general assembly meeting and all nominations must be made to the current Board of Directors 30 days prior to this meeting date via post office, email or at a general meeting.

Voting is limited to attending members.

Newly elected officers will take their offices as of the first day of January after the election. All of the Society's property must be turned over immediately upon new officers taking office.



The Authority under which TASC will be guided are the Robert's Rules of Order though these bylaws supersede all other rules of order.

The President calls the Board/Society to order.

The President declares order to conduct any/all business for The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland.

The Treasurer reads treasurer's reports and has copies available for the membership at all meetings.

Report of all standing/special committees.

The President guides meeting via agenda, reviewing unfinished business.

In the case of a meeting disruption, the President reserves the right to stop, silence, censure, or dismiss any member or Officer or Chair at any meeting should any problem arise, and with the help of the Sergeant-at-Arms, escort that member from the building immediately.

The President asks for any new business, questions, or comments.

The business meeting is adjourned.


The dissolution of the Society will be done according to state and federal laws.

The dissolution of the Society can only take place with a 2/3 vote of the Board after thirty (30) days prior notification to the general membership.

All debts will be paid within thirty (30) days of dissolution.

All remaining funds will be given to a non-profit organization dealing with avian causes.

All material possessions will be distributed at the Board's discretion.

©2003-2010 The Avicultural Society of Chicagoland