Some of the benefits of becoming a Corporate Member includes:

  • Being part of a wonderful organization that is dedicated to providing a better life for our avian friends in both their natural and domestic environments.

  • The opportunity to participate at any of our bird fairs or fund raisers as a vendor when vendor space is available.

  • A link to your corporate web site will be placed in the general area of the TASC web site at If your Corporation does not have a website then a listing of your mailing address will be posted in its’ place along with the necessary contact information.

  • A special link to your corporate website will be placed in our bi-monthly newsletter posted online as long as the membership is active. This particular link will be associated with our Corporate Membership Directory.

  • Corporate members will receive access to the Monthly newsletter with a personalized User ID and Password.

  • Corporate Members will receive FREE advertising and exposure at all TASC events (fairs, seminars, ETC…)

In order for the Corporate Membership to be beneficial for all parties, it is recommended that the Corporate Member agree to provide a discount or special offer(s) to current TASC members. How does this benefit you as the Corporate Member? The return business from our members!!! Currently we have over 100 members as of 12/31/04.

Discounts could be anything from: buy one get one half off, get 10% off any order, get 20% any order, free shipping... It's up to you!

Promotion of your services will include; word of mouth, advertising at fairs and seminars, our monthly newsletter and a Corporate Membership Directory available online to TASC members.

In our Corporate Membership Directory your business name and contact information will be placed on a list that offers discounts to TASC members. Next to this contact information, a discount code with description of discount will be posted.

This program will encourage our members to come to you for their needs time and time again. Our Corporate Directory will be available year round online and is a wonderful opportunity for advertising to a key audience. Not only that, your donation will go to help TASC continue to fulfill its mission to bring together families and individuals as a community of people with the common interest of providing a better life for our avian friends in both their natural and domestic environments.

Please note: The Corporate Member program may be terminated at any time with 30 days notice in writing to each active Corporate Member and posted online at if TASC feels it is necessary to do so. The Corporate Member program, its rules and regulations are subject to change without notice. It is up to each Corporate Member to check back on this page often to view said rules and regulations. Thank you for your support and understanding.


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